Eli Antebi, front-end developer


I am Eli Antebi, freelance web developer since 2005, with a passion for front-end technologies which means javascript, jquery, html5, css3, and PhoneGap for mobile wrapping, and Wordpress custom themes and plugins development.

Over the years I created more than 400 websites and web-apps for a variety of clients and industries like startups, SMB and non-profits, mainly for design studios including Designit, Design-Factory, Dvivo, Open, and more.

In this page you will find the highlights of my foremost front-end (although for most of projects I also wrote the back-end) portfolio. For more projects please visit my corporate website.


Pepper (bank leumi)
Lumus Vision
World leader software company
Miki Mottes
Redbend (Harman)
Pitango Pitango Pitango
Oryx Vision
Orlanet Orlanet Orlanet
Tamal Tamal Tamal
Compugen Compugen Compugen
Tazrim Tazrim Tazrim
Camtek Camtek Camtek
Blade Uni-Bar Blade Uni-Bar Blade Uni-Bar
Eran Biderman
Orlan Insurance Orlan Insurance Orlan Insurance
Retalix Israel Retalix Israel Retalix Israel
HOT Multi

Pepper (bank leumi)

First Israeli digital bank

Marketing website for pepper (leumi group) - the first Israeli digital bank 


Exclusive young sport horses auction

An auction of promising young showjumpers chosen by a team of showjumping experts. 

Lumus Vision

augmented reality eyewear

Responsive corporate website - development of Wordpress custom theme 

Large scale intranet portal - development of Wordpress custom theme 

Miki Mottes

Illustrator, Animator, Designer

Fully responsive parallex website to animator. All Animations are generated in PNG sequenses, sprites and CSS3 animations (without scripts) 

Redbend (Harman)

Software and device management services

Responsive corporate website
for a software company.
Includes 4 languages.
Company acquired by Harman 


Venture Capital

Corporate website with salary survey for leading Israeli venture capital 

Oryx Vision

Eyes for autonomus cars

Responsive website - development of Wordpress custom theme 

Full solution (front & back) for insurance calcularor, enabling insurance agents to get quotes for cars, truck and falt insurance 

Corporate website & mobile website for Israel biggest finance software development company 

Responsive corporate website for NASDAQ listed company for drug discovery; the biggets biotech company is Israel - development of Wordpress custom theme 

Responsive corporate website for the developers of the largest cash-flow software is Israel 

Front-end development of both marketing website and web-app to create personal webpages that ranks high for your name on Google 


Mobile & Web Development

Complex Parallex website for development studio 

Responsive corporate website for NASDAQ listed company providing automated solutions for Semiconductor and PCB industries 

Blade Uni-Bar

The Uni Control Bar

Parallex website for The Uni Control Bar, creator of kiteboarding equipment 

Eran Biderman


One Pager for one of the best mentalist is Israel, winner of Topple The Master TV show 


Order mobile technician to your home

Responsive website for a startup - development of Wordpress custom theme 

Orlan Insurance

Migdal gourp

Responsive website for Orlan - a home for insurance agents, creator of Orlanet insurance calculator 

Retalix Israel

A Division of NCR Retail

Leading global provider of software solutions for retailers and distributors. Acquired by NCR 

HOT Multi

HOT's Next gen console

Marketing website for the new console of HOT Israel cables company 



    Cisco Prime Network

    Front-end prototype for Cisco's network management solution for service providers.
    Project included working with UI team, testing different UI designs and methods according to the end-users feedback.
    Developed for Designit TLV
    Panoramic Power

    Panoramic Power

    Front-end development for a web app (on Sencha ExtJS), showing electrical energy consumption analytics and live charts.
    Project included working with back-end developer and implamenting real data.


    Front-end development from scratch to launch of Salesforce integrated app, collecting relevant leads from LinkedIn.
    Project included working with UI and back-end teams and implamenting real data.
    Developed for Designit TLV



    Front-end development of analysis app, to the world's leader drugs company.
    Project included working with UI and back-end teams, assembling a complex UI design.
    Developed for Designit TLV
    Bank Hapoalim

    Bank Hapoalim

    Front-end development of different web pages, prototypes and usability testings, of both web and mobile web applications, to the largest Israeli bank.
    Developed for Designit TLV

    Maccabi Healthcare

    Among different projects I've done for Maccabi Group, I developed a cross-platform login screen for internal wifi users at Maccabi Healthcare Services



    • Bank Leumi
    • Bank Poalim
    • Cisco
    • Teva
    • Verint
    • Migdal Group
    • RRsat Global
    • Redbend Software
    • Camtek
    • Retalix
    • Mellanox
    • Bynet Tech
    • Maccabi Healthcare
    • HOT
    • Reshet TV
    • Israel Broadcast (IBA)


    • Tamal
    • Lumus Vision
    • AposTherapy
    • Gesher
    • Essence Group
    • Trixter (GR)
    • Snunit
    • Tazrim
    • Bizibox
    • Post Republic (GR)
    • EinYael Museum
    • Oded Binnun
    • AlphaBio
    • BBL Law Firm
    • Telemedia
    • Tlalim Group
    • Blade Kites
    • MonkeyTech
    • Peled Wood
    • Israel Today
    • Vision Hospitality
    • Christopher Farr (UK)
    • Weitz Center
    • Israel Elwyn
    • AnyOption
    • TPA Associates
    • Success Real Estate
    • Alma Collage
    • Classerica
    • Van-Leer Inst.
    • Densbits
    • Jewish Fund Network


    • Oryx vision
    • AreaOne
    • Tawkon
    • Onavo Mobile
    • LookUpPage
    • Seatylock
    • Mobilab
    • Croud X
    • Inneractive
    • Panoramic Power
    • Cortica
    • Kazooloo
    • Active Path
    • Leadspace
    • Pubit
    • Securlet

    designers (clients & partners)

    • Designit TLV
    • Design Factory
    • Open
    • Oren Fait
    • Studio Teller
    • Natali Bar
    • Toolbox Media
    • ME Design
    • Say Brand
    • Studio Inbar Edut
    • Alex Oxenoid
    • Judy Strowis
    • Nadav Rikover
    • Frisbee Design
    • Studio Shlomit
    • Studio Karamel
    • Jean-Michel Boublil
    • Miki Mottes
    • Liat Berry
    • Liat Pinkas
    • Studio Rep
    • Ada Rotenberg
    • Fade Rudintzky
    • Dvivo Design
    • Mali Crispey
    • Anona Design
    • Avin Vadas
    • Ariel Safronov
    • Keshet Media
    • Michal Magen
    • Yotam Ben Dror

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